Boo! with Winnie the Pooh DIY Costumes


This post is bit too late, but it does not hurt to start planning for next year if Halloween is your favorite holiday.

If you are looking to make inexpensive and easy Winnie the Pooh group costumes, this is a great post to read. If you are planning on going to Mickey’s Halloween Party with a group, dressing up as Winnie the Pooh gang it a good way to go.

For each one of these costumes the thing that made them cohesive were the tutus. The tutus were easy to make and requires no sewing. All you need is tulle and ribbon. I followed the steps below, it was easy. Make sure to use the colors corresponding to your character. Also, don’t forget to make the tutu to your waist measurements, and have enough to wrap around you and to tie the ends.


Here are the items you will need to make the costume come together.




  • Eeyore ears and tail (bought on amazon) or you can also make them
  • Grey or light blue shirt (depends on which one you want)
  • Grey or light blue colored bottoms (leggings, tights or pants)
  • Grey or light blue tutu


When the costumes are done, take a group picture for your memories!

Which character will you be?



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